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May Magazines (or, Time Out Pyongyang)

The country’s overseas magazines have been released.  Korea honors the various activities held to commemorate KIS’ birthday and KJI’s anniversary as Chairman of the National Defense Commission.  Included are articles on KJI’s observation of a joint military drill and fireworks honoring KIS birthday.  Jang Kyong Chol writes about the country’s chapter of the Red Cross participating in tree planting.  There is an unsigned pictorial and essay feature on the 55th anniversary on Chongryon (General Association of Korean Residents in Japan).  Ri Kwang Song writes about Changgwang Street’s various restaurants feeding Pyongyang and Central Party-based cadres.  Korea also writes about 16th century Korean artist Ri Am and announces the release of Korea Film Studios Song of the East Sea.  Written by Ryu Pu Yon and Pak Jong Sang, and directed by Jang Yong Bok, the film is a biographical feature on the life of former Chongryon chairman Han Tok Su.

In Korea Today, Kim Chol Jin recaps the March rally in Hamhung, as part of KJI’s paying attention to the lives of factory workers.  Sim Ryon Hui writes about the Pyongyang University of Construction and Building Materials Industry, whose students and graduates have worked on some of Pyongyang’s recent construction projects such as the renovation of the Pyongyang Grand Theater and the construction of the swimming complex at KIS University (something tells me they work with soldier-builders).  Sin Hyang Sim writes about a doctor’s research into homeopathic medicines to treat hepatitis.  Sim Yong Jin writes about the artists and designers at the 26 April Children’s Film Studio.  There are brief pieces about environmental conservation in the country, the fabled potatoes of Taehongdan County and researchers studying about the production of condiments.  A KWP 65th Birthday-based excerpt from the multi-volume KIS memoir With the Century focuses on KIS activities the Down with Imperialism Union as a teenager.  Ri Sun Nyo reviews Korean Film Studios’ The Lifeline and Sim Hyong Jin writes about Taekwando instruction in Mangyongdae.

The country also released its quarterly Foreign Trade of the DPRK which includes features on Taedonggang Foodstuffs Factory and the brand new Majon Hotel.  There is also a report of the country’s interactions with the EU, particularly the countries comprising the BeNeLux.  And, hey, get yourself into a sound body and mind, review the pains and penalties of perjury and have that rubberstamp handy as FTDPRK reviews the country’s notary public law.

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