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KJI April 2010 Appearances

KJI arriving to observe military exercises of KPA Unit #567. NDC Memeber, General Kim Jong Gak is seen 1st from L and NDC Vice Chairman, VMAR Kim Yong Chun is 2nd from R (Photo: KCNA via

Kim Jong Il April 2010 Appearances

Kim Jong Il was reported by KCNA to have made 15 public appearances in April 2010, of which eight (8) was his attendance at concerts, three (3) were inspections of Korean People’s Army units or observation of military exercises, two (2) were guidance tours of infraststructure, one (1) was related to education in the country, and one (1) was his meeting with the new Chinese Ambassador.

Kim Jong Il also issued two military promotions lists.  The first one was issued on 14 April in honor of Kim Il Sung’s birthday and included promoting NDC Member and chief of the State Security Department, Gen. U Tong Chuk, as well as the country’s naval and air force commanders, all of whom escorted Kim Jong Il at different appearances.  This list was reportedly the largest promotion of the KPA’s general grade officers since 1997.  On 22 April, the second military promotions list was issued to commemorate the KPA’s 78th anniversary and included the commanding officer of the Guard Command, which manages KJI’s security.

29 personalities were reported or observed as members of Kim Jong Il’s travel party in April 2010.  KJI’s six (6) most frequent cohorts and their number of appearances were: KWP Secretary, Kim Ki Nam (13); Sister and Director KWP CC Light Industry Department, Kim Kyong Hui (12); KJI Brother-in-Law and Director KWP CC Administration Department, Jang Song Taek (12); KWP Secretary, Choe Tae Bok (11); NDC Vice Chairman and Minister MPAF, VMAR Kim Yong Chun (8); NDC Member and Senior Deputy Director MPAF GPD, Gen. Kim Jong Gak.

With the exceptions of VMAR Jo Myong Rok and 2nd Economic Committee Chairman Paek Se Bong, Kim Jong Il was joined or escorted by every member of the National Defense Commission in the previous month.

Kim Jong Il looks at a model of Kim Il Sung University's campus in Pyongyang, along with Jang Song Taek (1st L) and KISU President Song Ja Rip (2nd L) (Photo: KCNA)

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