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State Security Chief U Tong Chuk Promoted

General U Tong Chuk in April 2010 (Photo: KCTV)

National Defense Commission Member and Senior Deputy Director of the State Security Department, U Tong Chuk, was promoted to KPA General in this year’s military promotions list in honor of Kim Il Sung’s Birthday (15 April).  General U has had a very successful and active year.  He was part of the 2009 class of new NDC members, along with his political benefactor, Jang Song Taek.

In August 2009, General U joined Kim Jong Il who hosted a dinner party for former President Bill Clinton.  He was also reported to have traveled to Beijing and Jilin late last year.  It was speculated at that time that General U was managing security arrangements for a KJI trip to China.  It is more likely that General U was involved in the acquisition of surveillance technology.  There have also been reports that General U was serving as one of Kim Jong Un’s succession tutors, and that KJU was directing the State Security Department in coordination with him.

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