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SPA to Meet on 9 April

Kim Yong-nam

It’s Kim Yong-nam’s time to shine.  In a possible nod toward succession or simply to create the semblance that a game is afoot,  the second session of the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly will meet in early April.   KCNA reports the following:

Pyongyang – The second session of the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK will be convened in Pyongyang on April 9, juche 99 (2010).

A decision of the SPA Presidium on convening the session was promulgated on March 18.

This is an excellent opportunity for Pyongyang watchers to see who is in favor or moving to the center.  At the 12th SPA’s first session last year, the DPRK Constitution was amended, and the membership and role of the National Defense Commission were expanded.  KJI may continue this trend of formalizing a previously freewheeling communications and control network between the Party, State and Army.  There have also been three Cabinet changes in the last six months, another trend to spot at the upcoming chinwag.

At the very least, we may learn the fate of Pak Nam-gi as he is (or was) Chairman of the Budget Committee.


This article was written on 22 Mar 2010, and is filled under North Korean press, Supreme People's Assembly.

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