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March PropAg Madness


KJI Birthday and Lunar New Year Celebrations (in addition to some bureaucratic skull cracking and money crunches) did nothing to prevent the release of the DPRK’s monthly overseas propaganda magazines.  Korea Today has the third official telling of KJI’s guidance trip to the Pothonggang Shop in Pyongyang and his quibbles with the air conditioning and lack of an elevator.  Korea has a small write-up by Pak In-song on KJI Birthday-related events.  If you’re on a proxy writer hunt, an author called Kim Kyong-hui writes a sketch on the Taedonggang Foodstuff Factory which produces a local aperitif.

Both the English-language publications take an International Woman’s Day bent.  Han Kum-song writes a profile in Korea Today about women officials in Hamju County, South Hamgyong.  One official featured is Tongbong Cooperative Farm manager Ri Yong-ae, who spoke at KJI’s rally in Hamhung on 6 March.  Pak Pyong-hun writes a profile in Korea about Kim Hui-suk, chairwoman of the Jongju Municipal People’s Committee in North Pyongan.

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Korea Today


National Meeting for KJI's Birthday at 25 April House of Culture

Sariwon History Museum

Basketball tournament held during Lunar New Year and KJI's Birthday, perhaps in honor of basketball fan Kim Jong-un.

Scene from Korean Film Studios feature The Lifeline

Jongju Municipal People's Committee Chairwoman Kim Hui-suk inspects products at a factory.


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