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Jon Il-chun, Director-General of State Development Bank

Jon Il-chun

The DPRK has announced the first meeting of its State Development Bank, which took place at the Yanggankdo Hotel in Pyongyang.  According to KCNA:

The board of directors is made up of representatives of the NDC of the DPRK, the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee, an office concerned of the DPRK, the Ministry of Finance, the Korea Taepung International Investment Group and two independent directors.

At the meeting Jon Il Chun, representative of the DPRK NDC, was elected director-general of the board of the bank and Pak Chol Su, a Korean resident in China, deputy director-general of the board of the bank.

Jon Il-chun is the Deputy Director of Office #39.  He joined Kim Jong-il on several guidance tours in 2009, and officially reported as accompanying KJI twice in February of this year.  He may also have been present at the meeting of the Taephung International Investment in January of this year.  Mr. Jon is also a deputy (delegate) to the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly.

In the mean time, Choson Ilbo has a comprehensive report about the NDC’s other economic activities.


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