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KJI Birthday Event Photos

Below are some selected photos of events relating to Kim Jong-il’s Birthday.  I have compiled and categorized a batch of images from NK media from 10 February to 17 February 2010 into the appended file.  Noticeably absent from the birthday central reporting meeting or any other official events  was DPRK Premier Kim Yong-il.

Lunar New Year and KJI Birthday Events (10 Febraury-17 February 2010) [PDF]

Pak To-chun, Chief Secretary of the Jagang KWP Provincial Committee (left) delivers a floral basket to a KIS statue (Photo: KCTV)

The cabin near Mt. Paektu claimed as KJI's birthplace (Photo: KCTV)

Minister of Culture An Tong-chun opens the Kimjongilia Festival (Photo: KCTV).

The Mansudae Street Apartment Complex was opened during the week of Lunar New Year and KJI Birthday celebrations (Photo: KCTV).

The Revolutionary Family on an icon monument near Mt. Paektu (Photo: KCTV).

Pyongyang KWP Municipal Secretary Choe Yong-rim (1st from left), NDC Vice-Chairman Gen. O Kuk-ryol (2nd from left), SPA President Kim Yong-nam (center) and NDC Vice-Chairman VMAR Ri Yong-mu tour a photo exhibition (Photo: KCTV).

KISLY and KCU meeting commemorating Kim Jong-il's birthday (Photo: KCTV).


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