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Choson Ilbo and Daily NK offer their own write-ups on Won Se-hoon’s legislative report:

–DNK focuses on Mr. Won’s doubts about the county attracting $10 billion in investment from China, as well as efforts by KPA, KWP and State companies efforts to earn foreign currency;

Choson Ilbo writes on the propaganda and personnel efforts behind Kim Jong-un’s succession, KJI’s quick temper and the remote possibility of a coup in the DPRK.


Look at me: I’m in tatters, I’ve been shattered

Yonhap’s Tony Chang reports that NIS chief Won Se-hoon remarked to ROK lawmakers that Kim Jong-il is “is expressing a lot of anxieties regarding resolving pending issues.”  It seems the Pyongyang gossip mill has churned out the melodrama of a man with liver spots, not feeling confident that he’s retained his father’s legacy .

General-Secretary Kim is currently contending with the hangover from the December currency redenomination, a poor economy or the DPRK’s meager food supply.  This does not account for other concerns such as the Six Party Talks, the seizure of North Korean weapons shipments in South Africa and Thailand, or perhaps,  South Korean involvement in Chongryon schools.  KJI is also antsy about his appearance and his aides:

The spy chief also said that Kim, who reportedly suffered a stroke in 2008, was “trying hard to appear healthy,” by taking measures such as removing spots on his face.

Won also reported that the North’s leader has also recently shown signs of fretfulness and has become increasingly dependent on old friends or his family members, according to the lawmakers.


This article was written on 23 Feb 2010, and is filled under Kim Jong-il.

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