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Kyong-hui: There ain't a cadre that comes close to you

A report yesterday in Yonhap about the ROK Ministry of Unification’s revised leadership charts and a report last week in Choson Ilbo seem to have generated increased interest in Kim Kyong-hui.  Below are this blog’s substantive postings related to Ms. Kim and a few photographs.  I will publish a comprehensive biography of her on this blog in early March.

“Look at Little Sister” (a general background on Ms. Kim)

“The Women Around Kim Jong-il” (Retread of the above posting)

Kim Ok Out of Personal Secretariat…” (report that Ms. Kim replaced Kim Ok as KJI’s gatekeeper)

Wouldn’t Be Ashamed. . .” (post on Ms. Kim’s January 2010 activities)

Habemus Successor? Or Thaek it To the Limit?” (a succession post including Ms. Kim and Jang Song-thaek)

Kim Kyong-hui (on the right) during Kim Jong-il's inspection of the Pothonggang Shop in August 2009

Ms. Kim (6th from right) at the Migok Cooperative Farm. This is one of the few images that includes her and her husband (4th from left).

Kim Kyong-hui in 1966 when Jang Song-thaek was courting her, included to compensate for the lack of a good photo of her from these tours. (Photo: Choson Sinbo)


This article was written on 18 Feb 2010, and is filled under Jang Song-thaek, Kim Family, Kim Jong-il, KJI Personal Secretariat.

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