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New Kangwon Provincial KWP Chief Secretary

Pak Kye-ryong (left) greeting a Chinese official in 2008 (Photo: PRC Embassy to the US)

Paek Kye-ryong is the new Chief Secretary of the Kangwon KWP Provincial Committee.  His appointment was found in several North Korean media reports this month which referred to him as “chief secretary of the Kangwon Provincial Party Committee.”  Mr. Paek replaces Ri Chol-bong who (according to KCNA) died in an automobile accident on 25 December 2009.  Prior to his current appointment, Paek Kye-ryong headed the Party Committee in the Ministry of Forestry.


This article was written on 17 Feb 2010, and is filled under Korean Workers' Party (KWP), Organization and Guidance Department, Provincial Party Committees.

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