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The DPRK’s external propaganda org has published the February 2010 issues of its magazines.  February marks the 50th anniversary of Chongsan-ri, the genesis of on-the-spot-guidance, and is featured in two separate articles in Korea and in Korea Today.  February is also KJI Birthday Month so it is only appropriate there are articles on the Kimjongilia and CNC factory technology.

The saga of the Huichon Power Station continues in Korea Today. Korea Today also includes two separate essays (in the spirit of Chongsan-ri) on KJI’s inspection activities, “Stimulus to Progress” by An Nam-hui, and “We Serve the People!” by Ki Yong-sam, as well as a bit of hagiography “80 Days for Three Lives” by Han Kum-song.

If you have some extra money to go into business with the Third Floor, need to satiate your curiosity on CNC technology, the ORA Bank, North Korean snacks or health foodsForeign Trade has had its first quarterly publication for 2010.

These stories are linked through a mirror-site in Germany.

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Korea Today

Foreign Trade of the DPRK


This article was written on 13 Feb 2010, and is filled under North Korean press, Propaganda and Agitation Department.

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