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The Third Brother Who Put Out the Fire

In February 2009, Pyongyang  KCTV broadcast a children’s show The Good Heart of the Third Child.  In the 2 February (2010) bulletin from the Korean Central News Agency announced that the 26 April Children’s Film Studio released three (3) new films.  Of the new releases is A Story About Three Brothers:

“A Story about Three Brothers” is based on a folktale told by President Kim Il Sung. When a fire broke out in a mountain, the eldest one who built up his body at a smithy and the second who studied at a village school didn’t know how to put it out but the youngest who learned from peasants did it. Through this story the film shows that one should cultivate wisdom and strength applicable to practice.


This article was written on 03 Feb 2010, and is filled under Kim Jong-un, leadership succession, Propaganda and Agitation Department, succession.

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