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Quick and Dirty Count of KJI Appearances in January 2010

In the first month of 2010, Kim Jong-il was reported by KCNA as having made twenty-five (25) public appearances.  This total is based on the number of individual locations Kim Jong-il visited to conduct an inspection, guidance or attend a performance. Over half of Kim Jong-il’s appearances (14) were to economic locales.  Economic locales are broadly defined as KPA farms, mines, and heavy and light industrial sites.  Kim Jong-il also inspected five (5) construction sites.  Construction sites are defined as buildings or infrastructure sites currently under construction or described by KCNA as “newly built.”  Kim Jong-il conducted only three (3) inspections of KPA units, two (2) of which included his observation of military drills.  He also attended three (3) art performances.

According to KCNA reporting and my observation of North Korean press photos and media, Kim Jong-il was accompanied most often by Gen. Hyon Chol-hae, Director of the NDC Standing Bureau, who appeared fifteen (15) times.  Second to Gen. Hyon was brother-in-law and KWP Administration Department Director Jang Song-thaek who accompanied Kim Jong-il twelve (12) times.  Mr. Jang’s wife, Kim Kyong-hui, joined her brother eleven (11) times.  However, if Kim Kyong-hui has replaced Kim Ok and is coordinating Kim Jong-il’s schedule and security arrangements, Ms. Kim was present at all of his visits.

Kim Jong-il's first public appearance at 2010 at the construction of the Huichon Power Station. Gen. Hyon Chol-hae (first from L) joined Kim Jong-il most often in the month of January. Jang Song-thaek (1st from R) was a not-so distant second.


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