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The January 2010 DPRK overseas publications have been released.  Of interest are the New Year’s Messages in the English editions of Korea and Korea Today, particularly the one from KTKT includes a run-down on the latest Korea Film Studios’ offering The Country I Saw which was finished in a Sam Peckinpah-like 27 days.  There is also a write up on the North Korean software business at the Pyongyang Informatics Centre.  My particular favorite in Korea Today is an essay written by Ro Yong-mi of the Pyongyang City People’s Security Bureau Traffic Control Corps on the life of a Pyongyang traffic cop. 

Korea includes an article on Huichon Speed, which originates with the ongoing construction of the Huichon Power Station, the West Sea Barrage of the current Kim Era.  Korea shows off several coal mines, a rare pictorial feature on Hamhungfriendly books published in other countries, antique Korean artworks and a piece on the Samijyon Band.  For all you bottle of red, bottle of white Billy Joel fans there is also  a write-up on the new Italian restaurant on Kwangbok Street.

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Korea Today

A portion of the Huichon Power Station construction project

Kim Jong-il inspects products at the 8 February Vinalon Complex (Photo: KCNA)

Break time with the Workers Orgs at Huichon Power Station

Ri Yong-mi, one of the infanous Pyongyang traffic control officers.

A saxophonist in the Samjiyon Band, one of Kim Jong-il's favorite groups.


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