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Is 2010 the year for Kim Jong-un build up?

Japan’s Public Security Intelligence Agency released a report on Friday that the KWP will soon begin ramping up the propaganda drive in support of the hereditary succession of Kim Jong-il’s youngest son, Kim Jong-un.  This may be what Kim Jong-il meant when he referred to “the developing reality” during his inspection of of the gun-barrel youth populated Chongjin University of Mining and Metallurgy during his inspection there last week.  Jiji Press reports:

North Korea looks set to launch full-fledged preparations for Kim Jong Un, the youngest son of its leader Kim Jong Il, to succeed his father, Japan’s Public Security Intelligence Agency said in a report Friday.

The leadership in Pyongyang is expected to accelerate, albeit gradually, efforts to groom the heir apparent for his father’s position, aiming to give the third son of the current North Korean leader the track record, abilities and authority needed to lead the hermit communist regime, the agency said.

Earlier this year, North Korea revised its constitution to strengthen the power of the chairman of the National Defense Commission, making it the position of the country’s supreme leader.The move is seen as part of Pyongyang’s preparations to pave the way for the succession, the Japanese agency pointed out.


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