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Kim Wan-su Demoted, but Not Gone

Kim Wan-su (photo: Yonhap News Agency)

Kim Wan-su was not entirely removed from DPRK public life and has retained his Vice Chair of the Supreme People’s Assembly.  He greeted Sergei Mironov, chairman of the upper house of Russia’s Parliament (the Federation Council of Russia),  when Mr. Mironov arrived with his delegation at Sunan Airport.  In the KCNA report of Mr. Mironov’s arrival Kim Wan-su was identified as “Vice Chairman of the DPRK Supreme People’s Assembly.”  Mr. Kim was removed as Minister of Finance by the SPA in September of this year, about five (5) months after he was appointed to the Cabinet position.  Previous to his appointment, Kim Wan-su was President of the DPRK Central Bank.


This article was written on 25 Nov 2009, and is filled under DPRK External Relations, Ministry of Finance, Supreme People's Assembly.

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