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The Academy Of Korean Studies has released 1,062 photos of North Korean social and political life from (ca.) 1945-1949 (also see DailyNK here).  This is quite the research score for Korea scholars, as photos of the DPRK under the Soviet authorities can be difficult to come by.  I thought I would pull some photos of the late DPRK President Kim Il-sung from old DPRK propaganda films.  Some of these films are available online, but I thought I’d spare readers from encountering the virtual neo-communist community.  Periodically, I will put some media up relating to times past in the DPRK, so consider this the first installment.

KIS talking to Fidel Castro’s pet goat, Ernesto “Che” Guevara

President Kim visiting KIS-wannabe Nicolae Ceaucescu in Romania in 1980.  The DPRK has based some of its security planning around  what happened to Nicolae and Elena Ceaucescu in December 1989, a topic on which I will post in the near future.

Everybody’s favorite prissy African dictator, Robert Mugabe, visited the DPRK several times.  It should be noted that as of late, the octogenarian Mr. Mugabe is most likely senile.


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