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"Sound of the General's Footsteps"

Has the Kim Jong-un tribute song been performed under a new title?  On Friday (13 November) a schoolchildren’s poetry and song recital was held at the Central Youth Hall in east Pyongyang.  The event ostensibly commemorated the 55th anniversary of Kim Jong-il expressing his filial piety to Kim Il-sung.  Among the poems and music numbers performed by the young artistes was “Oungum ensemble ‘Sound of the General’s Footsteps.'”  Pyongyang watchers (including this one) have been on the hunt for performances of a tune called “Footsteps.”  “Footsteps” was listed as being performed under that title in May of this year.  But, a quick and dirty check of the North Korean press has not found any record of a previous performance of “Sound of the General’s Footsteps” until Friday.  Tramp, tramp, tramp.  And stay tuned.


This article was written on 16 Nov 2009, and is filled under Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un, leadership succession, succession.

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