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Kim Jong-il's Mystery Train

Chosun Ilbo has a terrific story about the private train on which Kim Jong-il travels for his guidance tours and generally moves about the DPRK.  General-Secretary Kim uses one set of locomotives, but there are trains that advance and follow Kim Jong-il’s train to conduct reconnaissance, security and ferry around members of the Guard Command and Kim Jong-il’s staff.  In addition to the additional trains, Kim Jong-il’s train is escorted and tracked by various aircraft.

I will only add to the train report the ten (10) to twenty (20) vehicle motorcade of Mercedes Benz sedans and buses that shuttle and protect General-Secretary Kim and his travel party on these guidance tours.  This also does not account for the three rings of security  [KJI <– Guard Command <– State Security Department <– local MPS branch]  tasked with General-Secretary Kim’s safety.


This is the exclusive railway station in Ryongsong District, Pyonyang for Kim Jong-il's private train.


This article was written on 10 Nov 2009, and is filled under Guard Command, Kim Jong-il, KJI Personal Secretariat, Ministry of Public Security, State Security Department.

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