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25 June

A roadsign near the 38th parallel. It was recently announced that North Korea and China agreed to co-produce a film to mark the 60th anniversary of the Korean War's outbreak. Li Shui-he, chief of the Chinese Film Producers' Association, visited the country for a week and toured the 25 April Film Studio (under the management of the KPA). LI also met with officials from North Korea's State Film Commission to finalize the countries' production agreement and discuss logistics. In 1999, China Central TV produced 30 episodes of a television series titled Resist the US, Aid the North intended to commemorate the 50th anniversay of China's involvement in the Korean War, however the series was never released.

A group of American soldiers sending a new year's message in 1952, during the Korean War (Photo: Yonhap)

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    June 26, 2010

    Great blog. 🙂

    Here is a suggestion for a new article:

    “North-Korea to elect leaders amid succession campaign”

    I hope you will have some extra insights in this matter!

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