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Swine Flu Hits DPRK

Good Friends is reporting that swine flu has broken out in Sinuiju.  Kim Jong-il had mentioned “anti-epidemic facilities” during a visit this past weekend to a pig farm in Pyongyang.   According to a Good Friends: “Suh Hye-ran (alias) thought her young daughter was having a cold, but her coughing became very severe. So, she took her daughter to a doctor and learned that it was a swine flu. Ms. Suh said in frustration, ‘The doctor told me this is a new flu transmitted by virus from pigs and I heard that Kaesong area is completely quarantined. My daughter is now complaining about pain in the lungs. I need some kind of medicine like fever remedy, antibiotics, or vitamins, but I can’t get them anywhere.’ ”

I suppose this now makes two things for which Public Security officers are on high alert.

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This article was written on 04 Dec 2009, and is filled under population control.

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