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4-2-0The folks at the KWP Propaganda and Agitation Department have cleared the November 2009 issues of the DPRK’s external audience-targeted magazines.  Korea has some terrific photographs of the KWP’s fireworks display in Pyonyang, as well as a brief article on the new platforms for Pyongyang’s notorious traffic women.    Be warned that these are links to a DPRK-based website, which may not be legal to access from some countries.



Korea Today





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  1. Alex
    November 5, 2009

    Are you aware of any other websites administered and hosted from within the DPRK?!

    • nkleadershipwatch
      November 5, 2009

      The DPRK administers various websites on its intranet site within the country. These sites are regulated and monitored by the State Security Department, but it never hurts to try various possible domain names and see what pops back. You can attempt to look up North Korean domains through dotKP. You can also read through the website for the Korea Computer Center (KCC) here.

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