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Women of the DPRK

This is a rolling project which will be further developed and updated during 2018 ♥/Sierra Madden



Kim Yo Jong – Kim Jong Un’s sister, daughter of Kim Jong Il and Ko Jong Hui

Ri Sol Ju – Wife of Kim Jong Un

Hwang Sun Hui – Honorary Curator of the Korean Revolution Museum, Kim Jong Un makes sure to get his picture taken with her when they are at events together. (linked)

Kim Kyong Hui – KWP Central Committee Secretary (2012-2016) and KJI’s sister

Choe Son Hui – Department Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ri Chun Hui – DPRK Media Personality and KCTV News Anchor

Kim Ok – Kim Jong Il’s personal secretary and common-law wife (photo)

Jong Kyong Hui – Senior DPRK Intelligence Manager (1960’s-1990’s)

Kim Rak Hui – Vice Premier (2010-2012) deceased

Kim Jong Suk – Kim Jong Il’s mother (photo)

Ko Yong Hui – Mother of Kim Jong Un

Kim Yong Suk – Third and official wife of Kim Jong Il


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