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Kim Yang Gon (deceased)

Kim Yang Gon



1986: Vice Director, CC KWP International Affairs Department

Member, Korea Foreign Affairs Association

1990: Deputy, 9th SPA

1991: Vice Chairman, Korea Foreign Affairs Association

Chairman, DPRK-Japan Amity and Friendship Association

1995: Awarded, Order of Kim il Sung

1997: Appointed, Director, CC KWP International Affairs Department

1998: Deputy, 10th SPA (Representing Electoral District 84)

2005: Councilor, National Defense Commission

2007: Appointed, Director, CC KWP United Front Department

2009: Deputy, 12th SPA

Member, Presidium, 12th SPA

2010: CC KWP Secretary and Director, United Front

Alternate Member, CC KWP Political Bureau

Member, CC KWP

An affiliate of 38 North