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Kim Jong Il (1941-2011)

Kim Jong Il

KCI 2010 Public Appearances

KCI 2011 Public Appearances

“Kim Chong Il’s Erratic Decision-Making and North Korea’s Strategic Culture” (2003 for USAF CPC) by Merrily Baird [PDF]

Kim Kyong Hui Director CC KWP Light Industry Department; KJI’s sister

Jang Song Thaek NDC Vice Chairman; Kim Kyong Hui’s husband

Ri Chol Deputy Director, KJI Personal Secretariat

Kang Sang Chun Director, Personal Secretariat

Jon Il Chun Deputy Director, Office #39

Ri Je Gang (deceased)  former Senior Deputy Director, OGD

Personal Secretariat

National Defense Commission

Guard Command

Third Floor

Kim Chung Il, Chief, Office of Secretaries and Deputy Director, Personal Secretariat

Kim Chang Son, Deputy Director, Personal Secretariat

Kim Tong Un,  Director, Office #39

KWP Organization and Guidance Department [PDF]

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