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KJI 2010 Public Appearances

KCTV image of General-Secretary Kim watching the KPA's joint military maneuvers (Photo: KCTV-Yonhap)


3 January: Visit to Construction of Huichon Power Station

4 January: Inspection of Jaeryong Mine

5 January: Inspection of Sub-unti of the 105 Seoul Ryu Kyong-su Tank Division

6 January: Inspection of Ryesonggang Youth Power Station #2

Floral Wreath Delivered to Funeral of VMAR Pak Ki-so, Member: CCKWP; CMC

10 January: Inspection of Electric Parts Factory, Kangdong County

12 January: Field Guidance to Pig Farm of KPA Unit #313

13 January: Communique to Huichon Power Station Construction Personnel

15 January: Field Guidance to 7 October Pig Farm of KPA Unit #534

17 January: Observation and Inspection of KPA Joint Military Exercises

18 January: Attendance of Performance by Art Squad of KPA Unit # 324

20 January: On-the-Spot Guidance to Hungnam Smeltery, Hungnam Taehung Fishery and Sojung Fishery Station

Floral Wreath Delivered to Ok Pong-rin: Candidate Member, CCKWP

22 January: Attendance of Performance by State Folk Art Troupe

23 January: Field Guidance to Pyongyang Flour Processing Combine and Ryongsong Foodstuff Factory

Field Guidance to DPRK Central Court Complex

25 January: Field Guidance to Pig Farm of KPA Unit #567

Field Guidance to the Pukjung and Rakwon Machine Complexes

26 January: Field Guidance to September General Iron Enterprise and Tokhyon Mine

27 January: Inspection of Roads in North Pyongan Province

30 January: Field Guidance to Renovated Hyangsan Hotel

31 January: Performance Attendance of KPA Itinerant Youth Art Squad, Hyangsan Hotel



2 February: On the Spot Guidance to Wonpyong Fish Farm, Kumya County

5 February: Attendance of Performance of Evgeni Onegin with Russian Federation Ambassador

7 February: Field Guidance to 8 February Vinalon Complex

8 February: Reception and Meeting with Wang Jiarui and CCP Delegation

9 February: Return Visit to 8 February Vinalon Complex

15 February: Attendance at Lunar New Year Concert by Unhasu Orchestra


17 February: Performance Attendance of KPA Unit #963

Performance Attendance of KPA Unit #10215

Performance Attendance of State Merited Chorus

20 February: Field Guidance to Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex

21 February: Performance Attendance of Ministry of Public Security Ensemble

22 February: Performance Attendance of University Students

Rally in Hamhung for the 8 February Vinalon Complex


4: Performance Attendance of KPA Large Combined Unit #264

Field Guidance to Kim Ch Complex

6: Attendance at Mass Rally in Hamhung for 8 February Vinalon Complex

10: Field Guidance to Chilsong Electric Appliance and Huichon Ceramic factories, Huichon General Machine Tool Plant and Kumsugol Revolutionary Site

12: Performance Attendance of KPA Song and Dance Ensemble

13: Field Guidance to Migok Cooperative Farm

25: Field Guidance to Chonma Electrical Machine Plant and Taehungsan Machine Plant

27: Attendance of Performance of State Symphony Orchestra

29: Meeting and Dinner Party with PRC Ambassador to the DPRK Liu Hongcai

Lt. Gen. Kim Yong-chol (1st from L) escorts KJI on an inspection of KPA Unit 586 (Photo: KCNA)


3 April: Attendance of Performance by Mansudae Art Troupe

DPRK-PRC Friendship Banquet

13 April: On the Spot Guidance to Kim Il-song University

Observation of Combined Exercises of KPA Unit 567

14 April: KPA Promotions List Issued (Order #0045) for KIS Birthday

15 April: Attendance of Day of the Sun Concert by Unhasu Orchestra

17 April: Inspection of Huichon Power Station

Attendance of Performance by Ensemble of Korean People’s Interior Forces (Public Security)

18 April: Attendance of Performance of Art Groups at 2nd April Spring People’s Art Festival

Attendance of Performance of Art Squad of KPA Unit #10215

22 April: Field Guidance at Kaeson Youth Park Renovation

KPA Promotions List Issued (Order #0046) for KPA 78th Anniversary

24 April: Observation of Military Training by KPA Unit #115

25 April: Congratulatory Visit to KPA Unit #586

Attendance of Performance by State Merited Chorus on KPA 78th Anniversary

26 April: Attendance of Performance of Comedic Play Echo of Mountain

28 April: Attendance of Performance of the Orchestra of the 21st Century (Russian group)



1 May: Attendance of Joint Concert by Unhasu Orchestra and the Russian Orchestra of the 21st Century on May Day

3 May: KCI in Dalian

4 May: KCI in Tianjin

5 May: KCI in Beijing

6 May: KCI in Beijing

7 May: KCI in China

8 May: Attendance of Performance of Comedic Play Echo of Mountain

16 May: Guidance Tour of Paektusan Songun Youth Power Station

17 May: Guidance Tour of Tokpyo Potato Farm

Guidance Tour of Samjiyon Revolutionary Sites and Samjiyon Soy and Bean Paste Factory

19 May: Field Guidance in Hyesan

Visit to Taehongdan County

20 May: Visit to Kwanmobong Machine-builiding Plant

Visit to Orangchon Power Station and Chongjin Rabbit Breeding Stock Farm

21 May: Visit to Yongsong Machine Complex

Visit to Hamhung University of Chemical Industry

One of the last photos of Ri Je Gang (3rd R) at the monumental tower to the Battle of Pochonbo in May 2010 (Photo: KCNA)


2 June: Attendance of Performance by Art Squad of KPA Unit 963

3 June: Visit to machine plant managed by O Mun-hyon

5 June: Visit to Namhung Youth Chemical Complex

6 June: Visit to the Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm Expansion

7 June: Attendance on the platform for 3rd plenum [session] of the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly

14 June: Attendance of Performance KPA Families’ Art Groups in 3rd round of 2nd term contest

19 June: Visit to the Nagwon Machine Complex

20 June: Visit to Training Center for Commanding Officers in KPA Unit 593

20 June: Visit to Various Industries in North Pyongan

A performance of the Pyongyang Textile Mill in July 2010

Kim Chong-il praising the textile workers' performance. Kim Kyong-hui is standing to the left in the rear



2 July   Meeting and photo session with KPA families’ art groups

7 July   Visit to KPA Unit 534 Combined Foodstuff Factory

8 July   Visit to Wonsan Army-People Power Station

15 July Guidance to Taegyedo Tideland

Visit to Aquiculture and Oyster Breeding at Amnokgang Fishery Station

20 July Attendance of performance by Kim Chong-suk Pyongyang Silk Mill and Pyongyang Textile Mill

24 July Attendance of Pyongyang Circus Acrobatic Performance

A part of the performance of the Pyongyang Circus in July 2010

Performers of the Pyongyang Circus greeting Kim Chong-il following a July 2010 show

Kim Chong-il discussing the circus after watching the performance

28 July Attendance of Concert by Merited State Choir for 57th anniversary of end of FLW

Merited State Choir concert on armistice anniversary in July 2010

31 July Visit to the construction site of Huichon Power Station

Visit to various industrial sites in Chagang Province

Visits to light industry in Kanggye



2 August          Visit to 8 February Vinalon Complex

3 August          Visit to foundry at Yongsong Machine Complex and construction site at Hungnam Fertilizer Complex

4 August          Tour of the South Hamgyong Provincial Consumer Goods Exhibition

5 August          Visit to construction site of Kumyagang Army-People Power Station

18 August        Attendance of comedy Echo of Mountain at the Hamhung Grand Theater

22 August        Attendance of concert, “10 Million Ri for Victory of Songun” by a variety of KPA groups

24 August        Visit to the 927 Chicken Farm

25 August        Visit to the Pyongyang Cornstarch Factory

26-30 August   2nd Unofficial Trip to PRC <Jilin Province>

September 2010 concert by KPA Unit 963, which is linked to the Guard Command

Kim Chong-il discusses KPA Unit 963's performance



8 September   Attendance of performance of KPA Unit 963 Art Squad

9 September   Attendance of performance of September Concert by Merited State Choir

10 September Attendance of performance of September Concert by the Unhasu Orchestra

11 September Visit to the 5 March Youth Coal Mine

12 September Visit to the Manpo Unhwa Factory

20 September Attendance of Performance by KPISF Female Brass Band

25 September Supervision and viewing of Pibada Opera Troupe Rehearsal (performance 19 October)

28 September Attendance of September 2010 CC KWP Plenum and 3rd Party Conference

Re-elected General Secretary and Chairman of the Central Military Commission

29 September Photo Session with 3rd Party Conference Participants at Kumsusan



3 October        Attendance of Performance by KPA Unit 10215 Art Squad

5 October        Coordinated Drill of KPA Unit 851

6 October        Attendance of October Concert by Unhasu Orchestra

9 October        Visit to newly-built State Theater and Artists’ Apartment Complex

10 October      Central leadership pays Homage to KIS at Kumsusan

National Meeting on 65th anniversary of KWP
Attendance of Gymnastics Display and Arirang

Kim Jong Un (C) and Kim Jong Il review a military parade held on 10 October 2010 in Pyongyang to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the KWP's foundation (Photo: Yonhap--KCNA)

11 October      Review of military parade for 65th anniversary of KWP

Attendance of Evening Gala

Meeting with Zhou Yangkang and PRC elites

12 October      Meeting and Commemorative Photo Session with military parade commanders

17 October      Visit to the Okryu Restaurant Special Dish House

19 October      Attendance of performance of Liang Shanbo Zhu Yingtai by Pibada Opera Troupe

25 October      Attendance of rally held to commemorate 60th anniversary of CPV entry in FLW

Meeting with Guo Boxiong (CMC Vice Chairman) and PLA/PRC delegation

26 October      Wreath laying at CPV Martyrs Cemetery in Hoechang County, South Pyongan

Inspection of KPA Unit 10215

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il inspects a duck and fish farm in Ryongyon, South Hwanghae Province, in this undated photo released Monday by the Korean Central News Agency. Gen. Kim Myong-guk (70), a high-ranking official in charge of military operations of the People's Armed Forces, (circled in red) and Jang Song-taek, administration director of the North Korean Workers' Party, are to Kim's left. (KCNA-Yonhap)



1 November    Attendance of Performance by Unhasu Orchestra

3 November    Visit to construction of Huichon Power Station

8 November    Attendance of the wake of VMar Cho Myong-nok

15 November  Inspection of KPA Unit 3875

17 November  Visit to various industrial sites in Changsong County, North Pyongan

20 November  Meeting and commemorative photo with Korean People’s Internal Security Forces conference participants

22 November  Visit to Yongyon Fish Farm and Fish Breeding Ground

Visit to Yongho Duck Farm

23 November  Visit to the Yongsong Foodstuff Factory and KISU Pyongyang Medical College

25 November  Visit to the Taean Friendship Glass Factory and Kangso Mineral Water Plant

26 November  Tour of Haebang Apartment Complex and Pyongyang University of Dance

29 November  Attendance of performance by the State Symphony Orchestra

30 November Visit to branch factory at Yongsong Machine Complex

This photo released by the official KCNA news agency on Dec. 6, 2010, shows Kim Jong Il, top leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), inspects the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex, which established an iron making method without use of cokes and a new iron production system with lignite. (Xinhua/KNCA)



1 December    Visit to the University of Hydraulic Engineering

Visit to various light industry in Hamhung

2 December    Visit to various industrial sites in Tanchon

3 December    Visit to Musan Mining Complex and Musan Foodstuffs Factory

4 December    Visit to Kim Chong-suk Statue and historic site

Visit to various light industry in Hoeryong

6 December    Attendance of performance by North Hamgyong Provincial Art Troupe

Visit to Kimchol Iron and Steel Complex and Nanam Coal Machine Mining Complex

9 December    Meeting with Dai Bingguo and PRC Delegation

10 December  Visit to Pyongyang light industry and Pothonggang Department Store

11 December  Visit to Pyongyang Flour and Sonhung Foodstuff Factories

12 December Attendance of Performance at 34th Art Festival of KPA Servicepersons

15 December  Visit to Eel Farm under KPA Unit 522

16 December  Inspection of KPA Unit 2670

21 December  Visit to Huichon Yonha General Machine Plant

22 December  Visit to construction site of Huichon Power Station

24 December  NDC/CMC Banquet Held to commemorate Kim Chong-il’s 19th year as KPA Supreme Commander

26 December  Attendance of Concert for December Holiday by Merited State Choir

30 December  Observation of 105 Guards Tank Division Training Exercises

31 December   Attendance of New Year’s Concert

Kim Chong-il observes exercised of the 105 Guard Tank Division in a KCNA photo released 1 January 2011. Among those in attendance are Chief of the KPA General Staff, VMar Yi Yong-ho, (R) and Operations Bureau chief, Gen. Kim Myong-kuk (2nd right, leaning behind KCI)


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