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KJI 2011 Public Appearances

updated 15 December 2011


Jan 12: Visit to the Nampo Glass Bottle Factory

Jan 14: Visit to Industrial Sites in North Pyongan

Jan 16: Visit to Taegwan Glass Factory

Jan 18: Visit to January 18 General Machinery Plant

Jan 19: Guidance to the State Academy of Sciences (Bioengineering Branch)

Kim Chong-il Visits Central Zoo

Jan 20: November 20 Factory and Ryongaksan Spring Water Factory

Jan 21: Visit to North Hwanghae Food Factories

Visit to North Hwanghae People’s Study House

Jan 22: Visit to Mansudae Art Studio

Jan 24: Kim Chong-il Receives Naguib Sawiris

Jan 26: Attendance of Performance of Electronic Band of the KPA Air Force Command Song and Dance Ensemble

Jan 30: Visit to Industrial Sites in Hamhung

Attendance of Performance by employees’ art groups in Hamhung

Jan 31: Attendance of performance by Art Squad of KPA Large Combined Unit


Feb 1: Visit to Sinhung Machine Factory

Feb 2: Field Inspection of Command of KPA Unit 6556

Visit to Cho’ngso’ng General Medical Institute of the KPA

Feb 3: Attendance of Lunar New Year’s Concert by Unhasu Orchestra

Feb 10: Attendance of KPA Unit 963 Art Squad Performance

Feb 11: Visit to Unsan Instrument Factory

Feb 14: Meeting China Public Security Minister Meng Jianzhu w/reception following

Feb 15: Attendance of concert by Merited State Choir

Feb 16: Attendance at Congratulatory Banquet for Birthday

Feb 17: Attendance of Unhasu Orchestra Concert for Lunar New Year (15 January) with PRC Officials at Mansudae

Feb 27: Attendance of Art Performance Given by KPIF Song and Dance Ensemble at Ponghwa Art Theater


March 4: Attendance of Performance by State Symphony Orchestra

March 6: Attendance of Russia-DPRK Joint Performance

March 8: Visit to Industrial Sites in Hamhu’ng

March 11: Attendance of Performance by KPA Navy Song and Dance Ensemble

March 14: Visit to Factory of KPA Navy Unit 597

March 20: Attendance of Synchronized Swimming Performance

March 25: Meeting and Photo Session with Officials in the Field of Arms and Equipment

March 25: Attendance of Performance of An Echo Among the Hills


April 6: Visit to Jagangdo Refinery and Amnokgang Tire Factory

April 7: Attendance of Performance by Chagang Province Art Troupe

Visit to Kanggye General Tractor Plant

April 14: Attendance of Performance by Art Propaganda Squad of KPA Unit # 10215

April 20: Visit to Kim Ch’aek Iron and Steel Complex

Visit to Suso’ngch’o’n General Foodstuffs Factory

April 21: Visit to Hyesan Youth Mine

April 22: Visit to Najin Shipyard

Attendance of Performance by Art Propaganda Squad of KPA Large Combined Unit #264

April 23: Visit to So’ngjin Steel Complex

April 24: Visit to Yo’ngso’ng Machine Complex

April 25: Attendance of Performance by Merited State Choir

Kim Cho'ng-il attends the opening of the KPA Sports Complex, which was reported by DPRK media on 4 May 2011.


May 4: Attendance of Opening of KPA Sports Complex

May 7: Visit to Light Industrial Plants in Pyongyang

Visit to Namhu’ng Youth Chemical Complex

May 9: Attendance of Performance by Kim Hyong Jik University of Education’s Art Troupe

May 12: Visit to Kujang Fish Farm

May 17: Meeting with Russian Delegation

May 18: Visit to Ryongjo’n and To’kso’ng Fruit Farm

May 20-May 26: Unofficial Visit to China

May 27: Return to DPRK

May 28: Visit to Hu’ich’o’n Power Station Construction Site

Attendance of Performance by KPISF Song and Dance Ensemble


June 2: Visit to Natural Science Institute

Visit to Kosan Fruit Farm

June 6: Attendance of Performance by Construction Workers on Overseas Projects

June 10: Attendance of Performance by families of service members of KPA Units #534, 529, 264 and 549 in 2nd round of 4th contest of art performances

June 13: Meeting with Communist Party of China Delegation


July 1: Attendance of Performance by Art Propaganda Squad of KPA Unit #963

July 2: Attendance of Performance by Art Troupes of Families of KPIF and KPA Units #963 and 10215 participating in 2nd round of 4th contest of art performances

July 6: Visit to Nagwo’n Machine Complex

Visit to Sinam Cooperative Farm

July 10: Visit to Light Industrial Exhibition

July 11: Visit to Central Zoo

July 12: Meeting PRC Vice Premier and Delegation on the occasion 50th anniversary of DPRK-China Treaty

July 13: Field Inspection of the Command Element of KPA Unit #963

Attendance of National Theatrical Troupe’s performance of drama We Will Recollect Today

July 15: Attendance of Silk Road, Flower Rain by Gansu Province Song and Dance Theater (PRC) with China Ambassador to the DPRK Liu Hongcai

July 16: Visit to U’nhasu Theater and Viewing concert by Unhasu Orchestra

July 21: Attendance of Performance by National (State) Symphony Orchestra

Visit to Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm and Taedonggang Combined Fruit Processing Factory

July 24: Participation in Election for Deputies to Provincial (City) People’s Assembly in

July 25: Inspection of KPA Navy Command

July 27: Attendance of Performance by State Merited Choir on the occasion of the 58th anniversary of the end of the Fatherland Liberation (Korean) War

(KJI was reported by DPRK media to have attended a performance by the same troupe on the same occasion in 2010 and 2009)

Attendance of CMC-NDC Banquet on the 58th anniversary of the end of the Fatherland Liberation (Korean) War

July 28: Visit to 11 May Factory


August 8: Visit to 8 February Vinalon Complex

August 20: Arrival in Khasan, Russian Far East; meeting with governor of Primorsky Krai

August 21: Visit to Amur Oblast and tour of Hydroelectric Power Plant

August 23: Arrival near Ulan Ude; swimming and cruise with local officials

August 24: Meeting with Russian Federation President Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev

August 25: Visit to Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region; banquet and concert

August 26: Visit to industrial sites in Qiqihar and Daqing, northeastern China

August 27: Visit to Tonghua City; return to DPRK

August 28: Attendance of NDC-CMC Banquet

Attendance at concert by the Merited State Choir

August 30: Visit to Ryo’ngrim County, Chagang Province

Visit to Hu’ich’o’n Power Station construction


September 7: Observation of joint live fire exercises of the Korean People’s Army [KPA]

September 8: Visit to Meat Factory on Pothongmun Street, Pyongyang

On-the-spot guidance to various fields in Pyongyang

September 9: Attendance of WPRG Parade in KIS Square marking 63rd anniversary of DPRK foundation

September 10: On-the-spot guidance to Mokran Video Company

September 11: Attendance at performance by art groups of units of women’s union organizations

September 22: Meeting with Lao President  Choummaly Sayasone


October 3: On-the-spot guidance to Tanchon Magnesia Factory

Visit to Yongjo’n Fruit Farm

On-the-spot guidance to construction site of Tanchon Commercial Port, South Hamgyo’ng

October 6: Visit to Naknang Disabled Soldiers’ Essential Plastic Goods’ Factory

On-the-spot Guidance to P’yo’ngso’ng Synthetic Leather Factory

October 9: Visit to Central Tree Nursery

Visit to Solar Electric Plant

October 11: Attendance at performance by Unhasu Orchestra

Attendance at 66th Workers’ Party anniversary dinner hosted by the Party Central Committee and Party Central Military Commission

October 12: On-the-spot guidance to Tudan Duck Farm

October 14: On-the-spot guidance to Taedonggang Terrapin Farm

Visit to newly built Taedonggang Pig Farm and Taedonggang Net-weaving Plant

October 15: Visit to Taehu’ng Youth Hero Mine and Yongyang (Ryongyang) Mine

On-the-spot guidance to industrial sites in Hamhu’ng

October 16: Visit to Tongbong Cooperative Farm

October 17: Attendance at art performance given by soldiers

Kim Jong Il talks to members of KPA Unit #4304 (Photo: KCNA)

October 18: Field inspection of KPA Unit #4304

October 20: Meeting with Oleg Kozhemyako, governor of Amur Region, Russia

October 22: Visit to Kwangdo’k Pig Farm

Field Inspection of KPA Unit #985

October 23: Hosted and attended banquet for officials, labor innovators, scientists and technicians from South Hamgyo’ng Province

October 24: Meeting and banquet for PRC Vice Premier Li Keqiang

October 29: Visit to Industrial Sites in Chagang (Jagang) Province; sending birthday present to road worker

October 31: Field Inspection of KPA Unit #789

Meeting and dinner reception for Chinese (PRC) Ambassador to the DPRK, Liu Hongcai


November 2: Visit and guidance of exercises of KPA Air Force Combined Unit

November 3: Field Inspection of KPA Unit #322

Visit to T’aeso’ng Machine Plant

KJI shakes hands with a member of KPA Air Force Unit #874 (Photo: KCNA-Yonhap)

November 7: Field Inspection of KPA Air Force Unit #813

November 11: On-the-spot guidance to fish farm managed by Kim Jong Hwan

November 12: Visit to fish farm of KPA Unit #580

November 14: Visit to Combined Food Processing Factory of KPA Unit #534

November 17: Reception for PRC Military Delegation

November 19: Attendance at concert given by agitation squad of the command element of KPA Unit #6556

November 23: Commemorative photo session with soldier-builders who worked on the Taedonggang Farms and Factories

Commemorative photo session with soldier-builders of KPA Unit #3154

November 25: Visit to Stone Work Factory Managed by Ri Myong Je

Field Inspection of KPA Large Combined Unit #233

November 26: Field Inspection of KPA Air Force Unit #1016

November 27: On-the-spot guidance to Kwail County

November 30: Command of military exercises by KPA Large Combined Unit #630 and inspection of KPA Unit #169


December 3: Command of Exercises by KPA Air Force Unit #378

December 4: Visit to Kaeson Park Youth Fun Fair

Viewing of Figure Skating Performance

December 6: Attendance of Art Performance by Company Servicepersons of the KPA

December 9: Attendance of performance by the art squad of KPA Unit #324

December 10: On-the-spot guidance to work  in various fields in South Hamgyo’ng Province

December 13: Guidance of Drill by KPA Unit #966

December 15: Inspection of Hana Music Information Center

Visit to Kwangbok Area Supermarket

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