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6th Party Central Committee

updated 12 October 2010

As of 29 September 2010 the Party Central Committee (CC KWP) had 229 members in total of whom 124 were full members and 105 alternate members.

Plenum meeting numbers are listed in bold with meetings dates below in italics.   Notes about plenum agendas or the election of new members are included, and will be updated as term permits.

September 2010 Plenary Meeting of the CC KWP (held on the sidelines of the 3rd Party Conference 28 September 2010)

28 September 2010

-revision of Party Charter to: (a.)  include establishment of NDC as supreme leadership organization (b.) endorse Songun (Military-First) (c.) declaration of KWP as “Kim Il Sung Party”; reiterate generational rule by the Kims

-Election of  Members and Alternates to the Political Bureau and its Presidium and Members of the Central Military Commission;  Secretariat;  Control Commission; Central Auditing Commission

-Appointment of CC KWP Department Directors

21st Plenum 6th Term

8 December 1993

Party acknowledged the (3rd) 7-Year Economic Development Plan had failed;

Gen. Hyon Chol Hae, Chae Hui Jong elected Full Member;

Gen. Jong Chang Ryol, Col. Gen. Ri Tae Chol elected Candidate Members

20th Plenum 6th Term

10 December 1992

Kim Ki Nam elected Secretary

Kang Song San appointed Premier;

Gen. Kim Jong Gak elected Full Member

19th Plenum 6th Term

24 December 1991

KJI elected KPA Supreme Commander;

Gen. Ju Sang Song, Kang Sok Ju, Gen. Kim Myong Guk, Gen. Kim Kyok Shik, Col. Gen. Kang Tong Yun elected Full Members

on 25 December 1991 a meeting of the MPAF General Political Department political commanders and officers swore an oath of loyalty to the new Supreme Commander, with KIS and KJI in attendance

18th Plenum 6th Term

23 May 1990

9th SPA (1st session) opened 24 May 1990;

KJI elected 1st Vice Chairman of the NDC and KIS re-elected President of the DPRK

17th Plenum 6th Term

5-9 January 1990

16th Plenum 6th Term

7-9 June 1989

Jang Song Taek elected Full Member

15th Plenum 6th Term

11 December 1988

Ju Kyu Chang elected Full Member

14th Plenum 6th Term

28-30 November 1988

Jon Pyong Ho elected to Politburo;

Kim Kyong Hui elected Full Member

13th Plenum 6th Term

7-11 March 1988

12th Plenum 6th Term

27 December 1986

7 Year Economic Plan Endorsed;

Choe Tae Bok elected Secretary of Education and Full Member; Jon Pyong Ho elected Secretary of Munitions Industry

VMAR Kim Yong Chun elected Full Member

Col. Gen. Ju Song Nam elected Candidate Member;

KIS re-elected KWP General-Secretary;

8th SPA (1st session) opened and KIS re-elected President of the DPRK

11th Plenum 6th Term

5-8 February 1986

VMAR Pak Ki So elected Full Member

10th Plenum 6th Term

4-10 December 1984

1 Year Economic Plan Endorsed;

Gen. Jong Ho Gyun elected Candidate Member

9th Plenum 6th Term

6-9 July 1984

Pak Nam Gi elected Full Member

8th Plenum 6th Term

29 November–1 December 1983

Deliberations on Party organization begin;

these organizational issues would be the central issue until the 11th Plenum (February, 1986)

7th Plenum 6th Term

15-17 June 1983

KJI traveled to PRC in June, 1983

6th Plenum 6th Term

29-31 August 1982

held in Hamhung

5th Plenum 6th Term

3 April 1982

7th SPA (1st session) opened 5 April;

First SPA where KJI served as deputy, and KIS re-elected President of the DPRK

4th Plenum 6th Term

4 October 1981

3rd Plenum 6th Term

1-2 April 1981

2nd Plenum 6th Term

19-20 December 1980

1st Plenum, 6th Term

10-14 October 1980 (no meetings held 11 October)

6th Party Congress

KJI Elected Party Secretary, Member of the Political Bureau Presidium (Standing Committee), Member of the Central Military Committee

Jon Hui Jong, Jon Pyong Ho, Ri Ha Il, O Kuk Ryol, Ri Chang Son, Ri Kil Song, Kim Yong Nam, Kim Pyong Ryul elected or retained as Members of the Party Central Committee

Pak Pong Ju, Kim Rak Hui, Jon Ha Chol, Thae Jong Su, Yom Gi Sun, Chae Hui Jong and Ju Kyu Chang elected or retained as Candidate (Alternate) Members of the Party Central Committee

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