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NDC Statement Pronounces DPRK “Will Never Deal With” Lee Myung-bak

The National Defense Commission issued a statement announcing that “the DPRK will launch a nationwide offensive  to put an end to the moves of the Lee group to escalate confrontation with the DPRK.”  The NDC […]

May, 31

DPRK Contends with Foot-and-Mouth

The DPRK is dealing with its first reported outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease since 2007.  The DPRK banned ROK pork and beef shipments into Kaesong Industrial Complex in late December, as well as ROK poultry in […]

Jan, 18
Building Fire at KIC

Building Fire at KIC

A fire was extinguished at a facility in the Kaesong Industrial Complex early Friday (24 December) morning.  Yonhap reports: A fire broke out early Friday morning at a South Korean-run company in a joint industrial […]

Dec, 24
Funeral Held for ROK Marines Killed in YP-do Attack

Funeral Held for ROK Marines Killed in YP-do Attack

The ROK held a funeral Saturday (27 November) for ROK Marines Sgt. Seo Jeong-woo and Pvt. Moon Kwan-wook who were killed during the DPRK’s artillery attack on YP-do on 23 November.  Yonhap reports: South Korea […]

Nov, 28

19 October 1950

On 19 Octber 1950 UN forces, including the US Army’s 5th Cavalry Regiment of the 1st Cavalry Division and the ROK’s 1st and 7th Divisions, entered Pyongyang.  On 11 October 1950, the 5th Cavalry’s Lt. […]

Oct, 19

HJY Passes Away, Final Thoughts on Jong Un

Hwang Jang Yop, the former CC KWP Secretary of Ideology who fled to the ROK in 1997, passed away on 10 October (Sunday).  Prior to his death, Hwang offered his thoughts about hereditary succession to  […]

Oct, 12

Han Sang Ryol Delays Return

The DPRK has not offered any official word on the squid fishing boat and 7 crew members seized in the East Sea last Sunday (8 August), but the DPRK’s Red Cross has informed its ROK […]

Aug, 14


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